August 25, 2016

The Band

Goldfish shares a passion for music that has evolved over the last several years in writing and producing their original music. They have performed separately and together in a variety of bands and venues across the country, most recently as a backing band for Bobby Keys of The Rolling Stones (The Rolling Stones saxophonist for over 40 years).

FrankieFrank has always been a singer but in the years since Mike joined, he’s put down his bass and switched to lead vocals. Frank has jammed with members of The Rolling Stones and others. Frank enjoys writing songs and lyrics and has a very diverse taste in music.



DavidDavid started playing the piano in the third grade and picked up his brother’s guitar shortly thereafter and has never looked back. While in college, he was invited to play lead guitar for The Few, an original and cover band. The Few enjoyed a large following in Kansas City and regionally. Over the years, David has immersed himself in music and lyrics writing producing a number of unpublished original scores, influenced by the likes of Jimmy Page.



MikeyMike joined Goldfish in early 2013. Mike has studied the bass since he was in the fifth grade and is classically trained. He’s played in orchestras, jazz bands, musicals and garage bands. His influences include Alice in Chains, The Police, Primus, Muse, Stone Temple Pilots, as well as classic jazz and blues.



Steph joined Goldfish in October 2016. He’s a mystery, wrapped in an enigma, wrapped in bacon (mmm…bacon). Steph is the only one in the band who was an honest-to-god professional touring musician. We all enjoy his stories of tour bus antics while on the road with Bad Manners.

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